Atlas choice voucher code 2018

atlas choice voucher code 2018

It is such a standout that we are repeating the photo here.
There are fewer innovations this year because the bicycle industry is in a slowdown.It is similar to the A-1 below, but has a new dual-foam liner of EPS and EPP, said to improve performance in a wide range of impact severity.The Berlin K-Star has a reflective shell and sells in the US for 120.Chronicle mips : introduced in 2017, a trail helmet with a round smooth profile and graceful vents rather than the usual blocky ones.Boss Race : a classic elongated road model, molded in the shell model with a wraparound shell covering all the foam.They are nice looking helmets, and prices should be in the 25 and up range, depending on whose brand is on the one you buy.Cpsc certified for bicycle riding.They announced in May, 2012 that they are bringing at least one of their helmets to the US market.Meets only the cpsc or CEN bike helmet standards, not the astm F1952 downhill mountain bike racing standard, so the impact performance of the additional rear protection is not tested and therefore not known.
Kong Kong is an Italian climbing equipment company.
Consumer Reports rated its impact performance as Very Good in their 2016 helmet article, but downrated it for fit and ventilation.
The liner is recycled EPS.Z1 : a high-end road helmet with multiple vents formed by what appears to be two layers of shell/foam strips crossing in different directions.There are no Asian Fit models in their line for people with wider heads, but the Full Cut is somewhat rounder.It retails for 80 in the.They have small round vents and a visor.The edges are unprotected except at the nose, and you could probably slice meat with them, even if it did not shatter in a crash.Trabec : a conventional molded in the shell model with very good skate-style coverage in the rear and large rectangular vents.Pedelec : sold as a helmet for electric bike riders, and it meets the Dutch standard for electric bike helmets.We have them under XLC below.Sahn Helmets Sahn is located in Vancouver.

White and neon orange options.