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Product description, x Additional product information, such as "1- port Gigabit Ethernet".
Standard interfaces include the ietf standard entity-MIB, making UDI accessible in third-party management systems.
The ultimate reliability of TUF Series is not only based on advanced thermal design, military-standard components and strict reliability tests, but also on the 5 Years Warranty* which is proudly provided.Version Visibility, cisco continuously improves products through feature additions and bug fixes.UDI removes concours orthophonie marseille inscription this barrier by identifying each Cisco product in a network element through a standard interface.VID management is automated in engineering and manufacturing tools and processes, ensuring consistency of changes from product to product.UDI is designed into hardware products and then instrumented and labeled at the factory.Automating asset management supports reduced total cost of ownership.Specific UDI benefits include the following: Identifies individual Cisco products in your networks.Facilitates discovery of products subject to recall or upgrade.Sorry, no results matched your search criteria(s).A product identification standard removes barriers to enterprise automation and can lettre remerciement cadeau bebe help you reduce operating expenses.For instance, an orderable PID may describe a packaging configuration for a product or a bundled group of products sold, tested, and shipped together.The combination of serial number and product ID (PID) is unique across all Cisco products.Additional orderable PIDs may be associated to a base PID.The UDI provides a consistent electronic, physical, and associated business-to-business information product identification standard: PID, x X, product ID, also known as product name, model name, product number.Identifies PIDs and SNs for service and replaceable products.
Consistent Across Product Layers, the diagram below illustrates UDI consistency.
The base PID is consistent whether the product is purchased directly or through a distributor.
It cannot later be overwritten in error.Operating and management systems discover the UDI through standard interfaces and display the UDI in standard outputs.The Unique promo fossil indonesia 2018 Device Identifier (UDI) is the Cisco Systems product identification standard for hardware products.This service only covers failures or malfunctions that occur during the warranty period and under normal use conditions, as well as any material or workmanship defects.VID, x X, version ID, sN, x X, serial number, the unique instance of the PID.Notable product changes are indicated by incrementing the version ID (VID which provides version visibility to help you understand and manage product changes.Operating Expense Reduction, one barrier to operating expense reduction is lack of accurate and detailed network inventory information.Enhances inventory automation of Cisco products.VID changes will be visible on product change notices (PCN) beginning in early 2006.Cisco operating systems and third-party network management systems can view and use this data, allowing you to automate your electronic inventory to reduce operating costs.Identifies VIDs for product version visibility.This service will follow the local standard and service policy.

The PID that is coded on hardware is called a base PID.
Cisco strives to provide you with the ability to more effectively integrate and manage evolving Cisco products in your network and business operations.